Agua de Vida

We have delivered 800 thousand liters of drinking water


We have reached 18 rancherias in Guajira with our program.


Wayuu Indians have benefited.


We deliver more than 800 essential markets.


We have reached 18 rancherias in Guajira with our program.


Medication dosages for children.


Pairs of children's shoes.

Community pots

We cooked 12 community pots for approximately 1,800 Wayuu Indians.


We held 5 Christmas parties, with meals and gifts.

Come and see the testimonies of our trips full of drinking water, joy and helping hands.


Through Ecoground and the Agua de Vida Foundation we visited the Chentico Rancheria located in the department of La Guajira in northern Colombia.

First time
en Uribia.

It was a long journey in a Carrotanque through trails and roads, but in the end it was worth it to bring hope, joy and life through drinking water to the Kasushimana Rancheria. 

Love offering
to the Wayuu.

We know there is a long way to go to consolidate a sustainable response to the Wayuu people, but we do not lose heart, we are going for more and we will achieve it with the help of all those who buy sustainable products. 

Advocacy and Campaigning.

Record of 3 years bringing drinking water to the Wayuu indigenous people through our allies and each of the customers who have joined us to generate a change through their purchases. 


• Continue with 3 annual expeditions to deliver drinking water and humanitarian aid to the 18 Rancherías. This is equivalent to 480 thousand liters of drinking water per year.

• Our goal is to drill the first groundwater well and establish a desalination plant to permanently supply 3,000 Wayuu Indians in the Municipality of Manaure.


Magdalena Medio

• In 2018 we joined the conservation of 68 hectares of tropical dry forest in the Magdalena Medio region.


• We have supported the planting of more than 300 native trees.

Green triumphs

• The declaration of the San Antonio Civil Society Nature Reserve
sanctioned by Parques Nacionales Naturales (National Natural Parks) was accompanied.

Saving lives

• We contribute to the conservation of the Howler Monkey biological corridor with this project.

Trees planted to offset the CO2 Footprint

2 Tons less CO2 in the air thanks to our actions and our green products.

Program: Nursery, organic waste utilization, integrated solid waste management, rainwater management and utilization, environmental classroom, Ecoground’s planting life program, FUNSA’s recycle yourself program, more life program, 21st century renovation, among others.


EcoBag fabricado con mezcla de neumáticos reciclados, fácil de limpiar, suave, muy resistente a golpes, caídas e impermeable. Posee un compartimiento interior, el cual puede usar para llevar libros, equipos electrónicos, cables, cargadores y otras cosas. Posee dos (2) bolsillos externos laterales y uno (1) frontal con cierre. Tiene bolsillo de seguridad en espaldar para guardar el celular. En el interior hay diversos compartimientos para guardar utilería.

Composición interior: 95% textil de tifón y 5% de hilo. Composición exterior: 40% neumático reciclado, 30% malla y textil, 25% Nylon y 5% Polietileno. Cierres de alta resistencia. Dimensiones: 18 x 32 x 40 cm.


agua de vida
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